Welcome to the New Zealand Islamic Development Trust (NZIDT) website

New Zealand Islamic Development Trust (NZIDT) welcomes you to our new and resourceful website. NZIDT operates right across New Zealand from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island, employing a team of expert Halal Auditors tasked with carrying out Halal Certification Review and Verification Activities within their defined regions. Our vision is to be recognised as the leading and competent Halal service provider in New Zealand. Our mission is to guarantee that all Halal certified products from New Zealand are compliant with Islamic Shariah. We abide to the NZ Halal assurance notice and are compliant with all International Halal regulatory authorities. We also aim to develop unified Halal certification standards and practices.

NZIDT has become one of the first certification body in the world to be accredited by Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA).

The UAE/GSO Halal Certification Scheme has been established and developed by UAE and other GCC countries to underpin the importation of Halal certified products into the UAE and GCC countries, so that consumers can have greater confidence in the status of the halal food they consume.

The Halal Certification process of NZIDT is in conformity with the following standards:

  • ISO/IEC 17065:2012
  • UAE.S 2055-2:2015

On UAE Regulations for Control on Halal Products and relates standards:

  • UAE.S 2055: Halal products - Part one: General Requirements for Halal Food
  • UAE.S 2055: Halal products - Part (2): General Requirements for Halal Certification Bodies
  • UAE.S 993: Animal Slaughtering Requirements According to Islamic Rules

Note that the above standards can be purchased from either Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology (ESMA). Companies before submitting your applications you should determine the scope(s) of halal registration scheme applicable to the nature of your business:

  1. Halal Slaughter House
  2. Halal Products:
    A Food
    B Cosmetics

AsureQuality is working jointly with the New Zealand Islamic Development Trust to offer Halal training courses to the meat industry.

On this site, you will find information about NZIDT and halal matters, and what services we provide. If you have any questions regarding NZIDT, please email us at info@nzidt.co.nz